George Ritchie
Review - Vol. II
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Review of J. S. Bach Organ Works, Vol. II: Leipzig Mastery
The American Organist, November 1997
"This two-disc set contains an ideal combination of music, performance, instruments, recording, and packaging, and embraces Bach's major organ output from the Leipzig years, lovingly and convincingly played by one of America's finest Bach players. Rhythmic propulsion is balanced by relaxed linear flow, textures are articulate without being choppy, and registrations are unfailingly appropriate. In the final analysis, Dr. Ritchie always brings out the inherent musical characteristics of each work. Particularly attractive is the inclusion of the Canonic Variations and of the complete Eighteen Chorales, many of which are not heard as often as they merit. Both organs are in northern European style and are excellent vehicles for Bach performance; each is used for about the same number of works and each is equally well recorded. There are comprehenesive program notes by George Stauffer, information on organist and organs, specifications and color photographs of both instruments, and the complete registrations employed. If one needed any further incentive to purchase this fine recording, it is that two discs are sold for the price of one."
Arthur Lawrence
The Artist